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As a sister sub to /r/HarryPotter, the four house subreddits combine on Discord to compete against each other to solve Harry Potter themed puzzles against the clock. For this, Hogwarts is teaming up to solve together against other teams!


^ orz


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Testing unicode support and alphabetization for three years.

✨ The Charming Penguins ✨

➡️➡️➡️Front Solve Friends ➡️➡️➡️

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We are the Front Solve Friends (TM). Formerly the Backsolve Boys (TM), we've been bested by past hunts from our backsolving habits, so we've rebranded ourselves to be

🌵 Cactuar Juice 🌵

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🐕🐕🐕 Ladder Dogs 🪜🪜🪜

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Arf woof woof ruff arf! Arf woof ruff arf woof arf ruff arf! Arf woof arf arf ruff arf woof ruff woof arf arf ruff woof arf arf ruff arf ruff arf woof arf! Woof arf arf ruff woof woof woof ruff woof woof arf ruff arf arf arf!!


🦦🦦Dancing Otters🦦🦦

😈💣🍫 Immoral, Illegal, and Fattening 😈💣🍫

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Immoral, Illegal & Fattening, Attorneys at Law, has been providing quality legal representation to a wide varieties of dubious yet tasty activities since our founding in 2004.



🚿🚿🚿 Shower Pomelo 🍈🍈🍈

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Shower Pomelo is a team primarily comprised of recent alums from Caltech. We want everyone to have fun and improve their solving skills.

17th Shard

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“I kind of lost track of time. There were puzzles involved...”
A group of fantasy nerds, friends-of-fantasy-nerds, and people who really
just love puzzles! There’s always another secret.

2 broke girlz

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chilling in a hot tub

2 Minutes Fighters

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2 Minutes is all you need. Puzzle Attempters by Day, Arcade Junkies by Night.
1 2 3 4 5 6, Do It!


42 bagels

6 Points Puzzle Academy


A Finite Group

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Just a set of beginning puzzlers that love *associating* with each other, sharing a common *identity*, appreciating those who speak *in verse*, and finally finishing off this bad pun for a sense of *closure* 😅

A Team Has No Name

Abbey's Duckies

All Aboard the Clue-Clue Brain

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Just keep chugging



Amateur Hour

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Amateur Hour is a young team that's casual-paced and prioritizes fun, sleep, food, and the occasional puzzle over the weekend.

An Attempt Was Made

Ange Management

Arcane Plebs

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A ragtag collection of Swedish, British and German puzzle-solvers who've met through the Arcane Game competition. -. . .-. -..

Area 51

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This team is small in size. We don't expect to win the prize. In Medford at address 51 is where we will be having fun.

Ariadne's Badgerz 🧶

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Brew City friends and family puzzling for the glory of the Great Lakes.

Arse & Elbow

Assembly of Problem Solvers

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Very casual AoPS group :)

Astro Plus

Automatic Octo Potato

AvO folks


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Bagel bagel bagel

BAH Interlopers

Banjo Cats



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Baymax, Gogo, Hiro, Wasabi, Honey Lemon and Fred do puzzles :)


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A small group of family and friends spread around the US.

Bennu Pogo Stickers

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We are a group of somewhat-seasoned puzzlers that enjoy punishment and failure!


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We are a rag tag team of puzzle hunters surviving a global pandemic with nothing more than our wits and reliable internet access.

Big Game Hunters

Black Dynamite



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Family team with 1 alum, 1 MIT '23, and five or more assorted relatives.

brain death

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Group of osu! players and friends

Broken umbrella

bruh moment


Burton Toucans

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we're b2puzzled

🅱️uzzle Idiots

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Just for fun puzzle hunters


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Scrappy band of degenerate puzzlers

Casper's in time out

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We would be together, except Casper has been a naughty boy.

Center of gravity

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A team of game and puzzle players. We are 7 strong and ready to win.

Central Services

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Low-level bureaucrats escape the monotony of their day-to-day lives through a recurring daydream of themselves as virtuous puzzle-solving heroes. While on a quest to find a mysterious coin, they get caught in a web of mistaken identities, mindless bureaucracy, and lies.


Chaotic Neutral

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MIT grads from the 90s who all lived in Baker.


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Accepting new members: https://discord.gg/2BR66z8D

Chicken Parmesan Sandwich


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crossworld puzzlers

Choate and Company

Chopped Dough

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a batch of adoughable weirdoughs who knead to win

Clang PTSD

Clementine Gidget


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The city was laid out like a CUBE, 12000 stadia on a side, and 144 cube bits THICK. The wall was made of JASPER, and the city of GOLD, as pure as GLASS.

Comfy gang IS

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We are a team of 7 friends who like puzzles and comfy vibes :)

Control Group

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A group of friends who are exactly average at solving Mystery Hunt puzzles

Cool Dudes

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No one is cooler than us, not even a cold piscola in the summer. CA + CL


Corvus Ailurus Mus

COVID 9 Team


crossword enthusiasts

Cryptic Crackers

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A group of logic puzzle enthusiasts from the Cracking the Cryptic Discord server!

CSI: lactate


David Zhang Fan Club

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A Stanford a cappella group. Which one? Well, that’s a mystery.